Exquisite Chef Driven Nightly Specials

“SERAFINA” in Italian translates to both “angel of the sea” and “fine evening”. Those who have been there completely agree!

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to travel Italy knows how easy it is to fall in love with the people, the language, the landscape . . . the food!!

Italians take great pride in their love of food and wine. This legendary love is matched only by the desire to share it with friends and family. This traditional essence of Italy has been brought to us here in Fort Lauderdale. Serafina celebrates all of this with warmth and passion!

This beautifully romantic, candlelit trattoria is nestled in Victoria Park on a gorgeous view of the Middle River. Its doors open to the most irresistibly charming ambience and aromas of fantastic mediterranean flavors.

Its Italian-speaking staff is perfectly complemented by the melodies of Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, and Il Divo.

Save your appetite and taste for yourselves this mouthwatering celebration of food and fun!  At Trattoria Serafina it truly is a beautiful evening!!


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