Serafina is a spectacular hidden gem located on the water in Fort Lauderdale. This romantic, candlelit trattoria is nestled in Victoria Park, offering gorgeous views of the Middle River. Step inside and experience soft melodies complemented by amazing Mediterranean aromas. Guests have the option of dining inside the cozy restaurant where they can enjoy a charming ambiance. Serafina also offers Intracoastal waterfront dining on their beautiful riverfront terrace.

Among the variety of dishes available at Serafina is the Arancini. This lunch menu option is a traditional Italian dish and a staple of Sicilian cuisine. At Serafina, we serve homemade arancini with prosciutto, sundried tomato, and smoked mozzarella.

Dating back to 10th century Sicily, arancini are crispy and delicious deep-fried Sicilian balls of rice. They are generally stuffed and coated with breadcrumbs to give them a slight crunch on the outside and a flavorful interior. Adding a combination of meat, cheese, and vegetables to the inside of the balls creates a filling appetizer that goes well with just a salad or a complete entrée.

The Italian eatery is open seven days a week and offers an extensive lunch, dinner, and wine menu. Brunch is served only on the weekends and the restaurant is open for private events. You can count on Serafina to only use fresh, high-quality ingredients in every dish they create. An authentic Italian chef oversees the kitchen and the Italian-speaking staff are personable and want you to have a great time.