Broccoli Rabe

Italians take great pride in their love of food and this is exactly what you can expect when you visit Serafina Italian Restaurant. Located in Fort Lauderdale on the Middle River, Serafina offers hungry guests an amazing atmosphere, Mediterranean aromas, and of course, mouthwatering meals.

At Serafina, we use only the freshest ingredients to prepare our gourmet dishes. Our commitment to excellent customer service makes us stand out from other eateries and our authentic Italian chef ensures that your food will always be delicious.

Serafina offers both lunch and dinner menus that include a variety of appetizers, pasta, entrees, soup, salad, and more. On our list of sides, you’ll find our Broccoli Rabe, a popular dish that consists of just a handful of ingredients but is oh-so-yummy.

Broccoli Rabe, otherwise known as rapini, may look complex but is similar to many other staple green veggies. Its name may suggest a relationship with its cruciferous cousin, broccoli, but this leafy vegetable is actually more closely related to a turnip. Its unique bitter taste makes it an excellent side for a wide variety of Italian dishes.

This simple but tasty dish is sauteed in garlic and oil and seasoned just right to ensure that every bite delivers a burst of flavor. Broccoli Rabe is also a nutritional option as the green veggie is dense with vitamins and minerals.

If you’re looking to satisfy your hunger, you don’t have to look far. Head to Serafina Italian Restaurant and enjoy a candlelit meal in our cozy dining room or terrace, offering Intracoastal waterway views.